It started with Lin and her passion for music. 
Born in Prague where she sung in several choirs (Bambini di Praga, Kühnův dětský sbor and was one of the youngest members of Vysokoškolský sbor).

In 2000 she moved to Belgium and was a lead singer in several bands such as Burning Feet, Freddy Loco and his Gordo's ska band, Adolphe sex and his machines, Tierra Bomba, Canela, Matching numbers.

Her style ranges from punk, rock, reggae, ska, soul, garage soul, funk and 60s r'n'b to world, Brazilian and Latinamerican music. She is also an experienced yoga teacher (Yoga classes at the Czech Republic Embassy in Brussels, Belgium and Yoga classes Centre la Sagesse Intérieure, Brussels, Belgium).
Born and living in Prague.  Musician and music producer at Elements studio.
Played in several Czech well-known bands such as Tichá dohoda, Kapela Hrůzy, Miro Žbirka band.
Produced film music (Martin a Venuše, Zakázané uvolnění), commercials music (Míša, T-Mobile, Nike, Vans), music for series (Vyprávěj, Mazalové, Mistr E) and several music albums for the following artists - Michal Kindl, Miro Žbirka, Michal Hrůza, Blanka Šrůmová etc.
Email link to Supraphonline
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