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Lin's News -- NADIA & LIN - The Science Behind
SACRED SOUND (Review from journal

ISSUE 198 / AUGUST 2019

Pages 56 - 61

The Science Behind Mantra

Lin's News -- PROJECT LINNEXION - ALBUM „CHILLIN" (Review from journal

The aim of the Linnexion project is to connect different languages, cultures and traditions. The debut album is about ancient mysticism and wisdom, but also about our  modernized life. Listening to these songs and the manter in the morning gives you energy before the busy working day and in the evening it will calm you down and help you forget about everyday worries. The feeling and the mood that individual songs make in you are important.

Lin is a Czech living abroad
. She was looking for inspiration on the roads between Prague, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and on trips to Latin America. That's why the songs are written both in English, Spanish, and French and are combined with original mantras in Sanskrit.

You can listen to the album on iTunes, Spotify, Supraphon online, Deezer under the name Linnexion. 119

Project Linnexion fuses music with joga.
Listen to interview of Stanislav Jurík with Lin: 28.12.2018 11:25 (Czech only).
Release of the album Chillin' - 1st October 2018.
The album was released on label Supraphonline - catalogue number: PH02087.
The review from December issue of Rock&Pop





An interesting record that was created between work responsibilities on the road between Prague and other European capitals is Linnexion's author and vocalist Lin, along with the musician Aleš Zenkl and several interesting guests (for example, Fred Reiter of the New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble). The album is cosmopolitan in a sense, both in terms of languages ​​in which it is sung, as well as in the sense of musical influences and overlaps. Last but not least, the recording is shifted to less common spheres with regard to Lin's experience of yoga and the openness of the individual compositions of the power of the manter. The material combines the influences of many countries and cultures, but it certainly does not suffer from it. It is not essential whether Sanskrit, English, Spanish, French or Czech are spoken. What is important is the mood and energy of the song. World music? Quite surely, but somewhere shifted to pop water or spiced with finer electronics. For some, the collections can be relaxing, for others to a certain degree purifying, or a music that delivers positive energy, and each of these angles has its part of truth. With Marie Ban's stylish cover, the audience can enjoy a leisurely trip into peaceful and fantastic landscapes.

Email link to Supraphonline
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